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What Is Parkour? – Ultimate Guide

People asked me much time that what is parkour? so no I am going to tell you that what is parkour?

Parkour is a kind of sport in which you have to move freely without having any fear of the environment and surrounding. Parkour is now an official sport in the United Kingdom which took place every year.

If you have no fear of anything that surrounds us then parkour and being traceur is a very best sport for you and to condition your body structure and strength. The people who do parkour are called

Parkour is a kind of sport in which you have to move freely without having any fear of the environment and surrounding.

Parkour is now an official sport in the United Kingdom which took place every year. If you have no fear of anything that surrounds us then parkour and being traceur is a very best sport for you and to condition your body structure and strength.

The people who do parkour are called traceur. Parkour is also called free running. This sport has a lot of advantages regarding body fitness but also have a lot of disadvantages because your one bad move can take your health and you can die also in this sport if you will not follow the basic instruction.

I am writing this article for the beginners of parkour because there is a lot of bad information and bad pieces of advice out there that can make you harm and by following that information you cannot get any benefit.

I am writing this article for those who want to be a good Traceur and in this article, I am mentioning the basics of parkour that most of the professional use while doing training for parkour or while playing parkour.

The topics that are covered:

  1. What is Parkour?
  2.  Why is parkour called freerunning?
  3.  Why Parkour?
  4. Impact of Parkour on the modern era
  5.  Equipment
  6.  Misconception about Parkour
  7.  Risks in Parkour

1) What is Parkour?

Parkour is the method of physical and mental training that develops the ability to overcome the obstacles both physically and mentally.

Parkours is a type of sport which is also called Freerunning founded in France by a group of nine young men in 1980s. The founders of Parkours or freerunning are Yann Hnautra, David Belle, Chau Belle, Sebastian Foucan, Laurent Piemontesi, Guylain N’Guba, Charles Perriere, Boeke, Williams Belle and Malik Diouf.

The word ‘Parkour’ was first used by the founder of parkour David Belle in 1998. The word ‘Parkour’ is derived from a French word PARCOURS which means ‘course’ or ‘route’.

The word ‘Freerunning’ is the use of Guillaume Pelletier, who was a representative of French practitioners who was involved in the production of Channel 4 Documentary in 2003. This word was used to communicate this fantastic new sport to English reading audience and English speaking audience.

2) Why is Parkour called Freerunning?

It is called freerunning because it is a non-competitive and physical way of training in which you can move freely anytime anywhere by only using the abilities of the whole body. It is the reason why we often choose free running shoes as parkour shoes.

It is called free because you can principally do running, jump, and also climb anywhere.

In Parkour you have to develop your physical fitness, Strength of body, sense awareness, coordination between your body and environment, how to control your body, how to balance it, agility, precision and the creative vision.

3) Why Parkour?

Parkour is a sport that encourages an individual on self-improvement on all the levels, revealing your mental limits and physical strength while offering simultaneous ways to overcome them.

It is also a good method of training your mind and body in order to complete functionally effectively and liberated as much as possible in any environment.

The main aim of this sport is to build your self-confidence for every sport, to build your self-discipline, to build your self-reliance, responsibility, and determination for your activities.

It encourages you for respect and humility for others and for the environment, community spirit, importance of play, discovery, safety, and ability to stable yourself at all times.

4) The impact of Parkour on modern era:

Everything has his own impact on its surrounding same impact traceur have in the modern era. Parkour is now a part of the sport in the United Kingdom that features freerunning.

People do parkour’s thing to make their body agile and flexible because if you are doing parkour’s thing so you will have to work hard for it because due to your mistake you can injure yourself so badly, modern era young people think that everything is easy but nothing is easy in this world if you want to be a good traceur you have to wear light shirt shoes hates and the main thing is your mental toughness if you will not be mentally strong you can’t be a good tracer.

5) Equipment:

Parkour workout does not need any instrument or equipment or in other words, traceur does their training without any kind of instrument or equipment.

Those who are the specialist of parkour regularly wear light shoes, light and not too fit clothing. Traceurs also wear gloves in rear case open hands are better for grip and for tactile feedback. Fast Running shoes with lightweight, good grip and tractability are encouraged.

Traceurs rarely use moderate shoes, sometimes as progression to bare feet. Bear foot training is done for movement competency without gear.

As David Belle says “bare feet are the excellent shoes of traceurs.


There are a few misconception and misinformation that people don’t know about it:

Parkour and freerunning:

Parkour and freerunning both are not the same things but basically, these two are a different thing. They are not interchangeable words.

They are a lot different in their purpose and goals. Those who do the practice of parkour are called Traceurs and the practitioners of freerunning are called free runner’s, the word traceurs and free runners are not interchangeable.

Parkour shows:

There is nothing as performing as parkour show.

If you see any parkour presenter who purely works for the sake of entertaining it can’t be defined as parkour. Because he is not following the correct principle of parkour that what parkour is.

You can take moves from parkour for the sake of entertaining, but at the end of the time cannot ethically be called parkour as it does not follow the principle of parkour.

Flips and spins:

when people see someone who calls themselves traceur doing spins and flips they get confused. Because if someone does these thing doesn’t mean that their actions constitute parkour. It means that traceur trains themselves in other aspects of movement as well as parkour.

7) Risks in parkour:


Parkour is not often practiced in the public places. Although people are trying to make a place for traceur publically many of the traceurs do not like the idea because it is contradictory to traceur’s value of creativity, adaptation, and freedom.

Parkour practice in both plan and rural areas like parks, gyms, offices, playground, and abandoned structures. Concerns have been passed regarding damage of properties, trespassing, and the use of inappropriate places. So many parkour organization around the world support the LEAVE NO TRACE INITIATIVE.


Many of the traceurs have been injured and some of them died while doing parkour’s thing due to which a concern has been raised by law enforcement and fire and all the rescue teams of the risk in jumping from a high building.

They are saying that traceurs are needlessly damaging and risking to both rooftops by practicing at height and their life also because they can die or can get injured if they fall down from a height. Police forces calling for traceurs to stay away or stay off the rooftops.

The philosophy of parkour is to learn how to control oneself in interaction with the environment because Some of the practitioners of parkour agree that this behavior should be risky leading some of the parkour experts to view physical injuries as a deviation from true parkours.

There is growing evidence that parkour techniques can reduce the rate of injury when landing, as compared to traditional sports techniques.

Co-founder of parkour and freerunning federation, Daniel abaca said “Thinking you are going to fail at something gives you a higher risk of doing just that. Committing something you are knowing or thinking you will land gives you a high chance of completing the task.

Mark Toorock who is an American traceur said that “injuries are rare because participants depend not on what they cannot control -icy surfaces of snowboarding wheels and skiing- but their own feet and hands.


Parkour has been so much famous around the world and become a popular element in action due to which a lot of filmmakers decided to make a film on traceur.

The first director to make a film on traceur was Luc Besson who produced film named Taxi 2 in 1998 and then followed by Yama Kasi in 2001 featuring the original members of Yama Kasi group and nowadays most of the film directors are making film and documentaries based on traceur the modern day,

Example is The Assassin’s Creed series makes heavy use of parkour movement or featuring freerunning. Prince of Persia, Breaking and Entering (2006), Live Free or Die Hard (2007), Run (2013), Tracers (2015), Dhoom 3 (2013) and a lot more are the movies of the modern era that feature parkours or free runners.

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