The Beginner Guide to Parkour

The Beginner’s Guide to Parkour

what is parkour? Parkour is a kind of sport in which you have to move very quickly and you will have to make your mind open while doing parkour. It can be dangerous to your body if you do its training badly because you can hurt your body parts of you can break your feet while jumping from the top of the roof, so if you will do parkour training according to the rules that most experts use and recommend it for the beginner’s by following it you can make your body safe from injuries.
So now I am going to tell you about the basics that expertly recommends for The beginners of parkour:

Moves in Parkour:

There is no list for “moves” in parkours, the way in which you can move often make you apart from others in the surrounding. There are many numbers of movements that are considered as fundamental.


Some of them are as follows:

  •  Vaulting over a hurdle.
  • Landing and jumping accurately on a small or narrow hurdle.
  •  Landing and jumping feet first into a vertical area.
  •  Catching a horizontal peak of wall or ledge with hands.
  •  Use rolling motion to avoid impact from a large drop.
  •  Run toward a tall wall and then jump and push off the wall with the help of foot to reach the peak of the wall.
  •  Hanging with the top of the wall or ledge, standing on the top of the wall.
  •  Running and jumping from the top of the wall.


Tips to be a good traceur:

There are a lot of good tips that you can follow and make yourself a good traceur but some of the basics are as follows:


  1. Build self-confidence.
  2. Keep your eyes open every time while doing parkour’s thing.
  3.  Train yourself hard to be a good traceur.
  4.  Train your body to be flexible.
  5.  Run fast in the morning to build your stamina.
  6.  Join the gym for more strength.
  7.  Buy light shoes with good grip.
  8.  Buy light shirt because it will help you in fast running.
  9.  Avoid use of gloves.
  10.  Almost use your hand for good griping.
  11.  If you are a beginner don’t jump from the top roof.
  12.  If your eye side is weak do try to be a traceur because you can injure yourself.
  13.  Avoid use of the cigarette.
  14.  Avoid the use of alcohol.
  15.  Avoid the use of fast food.
  16.  Start use of green food and salads.
  17.  Use the figure area of your foot while jumping.


Basic Parkour training:

  1. Level l 3 sets
  2. Level ll 5 sets
  3. Level lll 7 sets
  4. Rest up to 2 minutes
  5. 10 lunges (leg lifts on your back with both legs).
  6. 10-count bear crawl.
  7. 10 push-ups.
  8. 10 broad jumps.
  9. 20 squats.
  10. 10 jumps knee-tucks.
  11. 10 wall dips.
  12. 10 plant plyos.
  13. 10 wall climbers.
  14. Every other day try two sets of this list: if all or some sets of this list is too hard, reduce your reps per set from 12 to 8 or 6 for the hard exercise till you can do two sets. I started with push-ups 8 to 6 reps per set and also hanging up wi a wall or any other thing and flexing. The most important thing is to do better exercise with good technique and to improve your training 10% every week.


How to progress your training:

After every week add 2-3 reps to each exercise (2×8, 2×10, 2×12) etc.
After adding reps for each exercise add another full set in your workout, in this stage you may have temporarily reduce reps on final set back down to 6 reps.
When you are able to do 4×16 do each rep a little faster it will help you to increase your stamina.
My own goal is to get up to 4×20 because it is a nice round number. once I achieve it for my exercise I give ok to myself to tackle more difficult and new exercise.


Toward the good objective:

Find some stairs and start practice jumping with your whole body weight. Let Start jump from the ground to stairs to one step then two then three do as much as you can do will be better for you. You must be calm, well balanced almost in every type of condition, and you must land softly on your toes not on your heel 12 or 10 times in a row before you add another step in your jumping.

Next session or week:

  • 2-3 steps is easy
  • 4-5 is a challenge
  • 5-6 is easier said than done
  • I have never seen anyone done 7 steps.


Avoid the drink of water in these steps because it will be painfull to your kidney. Energy drinks and drinking of soda are good after exercise. And I have read a book that a small dose of caffeine help you in your workout to perform better than last time you did.

Now come toward running:

I have mentioned running in the above article because running is so much important in this sport although I hate running but running is so much important to increase your breathing speed and also to increase your stamina in parkour. If you have no stamina so it means you have nothing because without having stamina or having high breathing speed you cannot perform this sport in the start you will have to run up to run up to 15 mint non-stop if you are beginner and if you have done running in the past you will have to run from 45 mint to one hour to increase your breathing stamina. The appropriate way of running for parkour is a short sprint, take-offs, and landing.


Your exercise should be hard:

Try to work out with people who do work out and learn from people who do know how to do work out correctly. There is a lot of miss guide and a lot of bad advice out there. My own advice to you is doing your exercise by your own.


The beginner’s guide to parkour is as follows:


1) The Parkour and Freerunning Handbook



Parkour is a sport which is also called freerunning and if you want to be a good parkour practitioner then you have to follow some of the basic steps now you know that while training you cannot access internet properly to get guidance from the internet so this guide is the best way to train yourself properly for parkour.


This book guide for parkour is written by Dan Edward’s of parkour generation he is from Britain’s freerunning association. In this handbook, you will know about freerunning and parkour basic techniques, philosophy for good parkour and about culture. This hand guide is made up of original paperback and it provides step-by-step guidance for parkour. The aim of writing this handbook is to build your confidence and to make you inventive and confident for free-running.

2) Parkour: A Beginner’s Guide to Training and Excelling in the Art of Movement



Parkour A Beginner’s Guide to Training and Excelling in the Art of Movement is the best guide for the beginner of parkour because mostly we spend our time in our offices with disk or with table or chairs or with computers doing office work or using Facebook and when we get out all of that so we didn’t know how to do workout for parkour how to overcome the obstacles that are in front of our training and some of the people didn’t know how to work out for parkour or freerunning so by using this guide you can do work out very easily.


Most of the time we people spend in office and parkour is a kind of sport in which one has to move freely while in contact with the environment so when you get free of your work so you can use this guide to come to know how to do training for parkour. Parkour is not the name of just moving but it is the name to see your body what is it capable of and to jump from the top and in this you can injure yourself so by using this guide you can prevent yourself to not get injured and how to work out safely.

3) Free Running: The Ultimate Guide for Understanding Parkour and What You Must Know About It



Millions of people are taking interest in freerunning and parkour because it is a growing sport. If you are willing to get involved with it, it can be danger for you if you will use all the bad information’s that are available out there. First of all, you will have to keep in mind and to understand all the injuries, risks and benefits that are in link with this sport because many of the beginners of parkour start it without even knowing and understanding many of the important factors.


This beginner guide is the best guide for the beginners of parkour because this guide gets you towards the origin of parkour and toward the philosophy of this sport as well as the risk and benefit and future of this sport, by investing in this guide you can come to know about the basic of parkour and you can get grip on the following:


  • History of parkour
  • Philosophy of parkour and free running
  • Risk related to this sport
  • Training information
  • Other critical information

4) Parkour: The Complete Guide To Parkour and Freerunning For Beginners



In this guide of parkour you will come to know about the introduction of parkour and you will come to know about the difference between parkour and free running. If you will know the basic difference between free running and parkour it will be better for your training. You will also learn in this guide that how to learn parkour safely. You will also come to know that how to use parkour training equipment and gear perfectly. This guide is perfect to use from the beginner to the expert one.


Here is what other you will come to know about parkour:


  • Jumping to the top of roof
  • Landing from the top of roof
  • Vaults of parkour
  • Advanced training and techniques
  • How to build your body for parkour
  • What resources are best for parkour
  • How to balance your body while doing parkour
  • And a lot more!

5) Parkour Strength Training: Overcome Obstacles for Fun and Fitness



Many people are doing parkour training but they really don’t know how to do strength parkour training. Training is very important in parkour but if you know the best parkour training then you can perform parkour a whole lot easier, and if you don’t know how to do strength parkour training then you need this parkour strength training guide to improve your training.


In this parkour strength training guide you will learn the following thing how to:


  • Train safely
  • Get speed in your athletic development
  • Develop basic bodyweight exercise
  • Make your body flexible and promote mobility important for fitness and for safe obstacle
  • Prepare your body and condition your joint to avoid injuries while doing training
  • Avoid common faults in the beginner training for parkour
  • Use small obstacles for example handrails, chairs, benches and walls for complete body strength training while doing workout for parkour
  • Fly over barriers using basic vaults
  • Dominate obstacle in front of you
  • Build a proper and effective strength training program
  • Improve skill-based drills to become a more well-rounded practitioner
  • Best and proper climb-up technique using many of supplemental exercise
  • Do ground-based exercise, for example, vaulting, fast movement, jumping, landing and bounding into your workouts

6) Basic Parkour: Basic Parkour and Freerunning Handbook (Survival Fitness Series)



Basic parkour guide is for all the beginner of parkour because in this guide all the beginner can learn all the basics of parkour.


What you can learn from this handbook is as follows:


Basic parkour: basic parkour and free running handbook will teach you about all the basics that you need and that are used in parkour.
You will also learn that learning parkour is not as hard as it looks like, and it is also as exciting and fun way to keep your body fit and make your body strength.


For all of this what you have to do is to just buy this amazing handbook and learn a few basics skills of parkour and then practice it.
This handbook is written by one of the professionals of parkour named Sam Fury which contains all the basic information about parkour and a lot more!


What you will witness inside Basic parkour is as follows:

  • How to learn the core skill which is needed for parkour training.
  • Easy to follow the step by step instruction that anyone can follow easily it will not take any prior knowledge or experience of parkour


This parkour handbook have simple and clear pictures so you can easily understand it and you can easily see exactly what the picture is telling you and what you have to do to perform the basic parkour techniques.


This handbook covers the following parkour and freerunning techniques:

  • How to maintain your balance while doing workout
  • How to land smoothly and safely with having low impact on your body
  • How to gain superior balance
  • The correct technique of rolling
  • How to jump toward your target
  • What is the best way to get up between or over the wall
  • And a whole lot more!


7) The Ultimate Parkour & Freerunning Book: Discover Your Possibilities!



This parkour book is basically for the beginners of parkour because in this book you will come to know about your place in parkour that either the method you are following is correct or wrong. This book also contains precious illustration for the teaching of all parkour and freerunning technique. This book is easy to follow and it will teach how to easily follow movement breakdown and methodical tips for both inner and outdoor training.


This book also has history, philosophy rules how to behave, advice for training, the explanation for both competitions and competition criteria and a whole lot more!

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